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5 Best Kitchen Technology Ideas to Incorporate Into Your Kitchen Design

Today’s technological advancements have changed what’s possible, even in the kitchen. We’ve come a long way from the days of iceboxes and ticking kitchen timers, so if kitchen design is on your mind, don’t leave out the tech factor. These are our favorite ways to create a smart kitchen that really does feel smart. Google Home/ Alexa With hands-free devices like Google Home and Alexa, you can set...

Scullery Kitchens – What They Are and Why You Need One

Have you heard of scullery kitchens? They’re an often overlooked part of kitchen history, and while they’re not as popular today, we think there are many good reasons to consider a scullery. What is a scullery kitchen? A scullery kitchen is a separate room, set off the kitchen, that is designed specifically for cleaning and storing. How is a scullery different than a butler’s pantry? A butler’s...

Kitchen Design Trends for 2022 - 5280bestkitchens

Kitchen Design Trends for 2022 – New Kitchen Design Ideas

Dreaming of a new luxury kitchen for your home? Let’s review a few of the latest kitchen design trends you’ll want to know about if you’re planning a renovation or custom kitchen design project in the upcoming year. The Kitchen Distributors design team merges contemporary trends with elevated craftsmanship and high-quality building materials to construct luxurious, award-winning kitchens for our...

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