Best Tips to Spring Clean Your Kitchen Like a Pro

From family dinners to homework sessions to meal prep, the kitchen tends to be one of the busiest rooms in the home. Given this, it doesn’t take much time for it to get dirty, meaning that spring cleaning the kitchen is a must. Not only that, it’s the perfect excuse to give the room a top to bottom refresh. Between nagging crumbs and baked-on grease, spring cleaning this space can make it feel like a daunting task, especially without a clear idea of where to begin. Don’t worry though – below we’re sharing expert-approved tips for thoroughly cleaning the heart of the home.

Start Simple with Door & Window Frames

Starting with a smaller task that doesn’t take much time will help in building the momentum for the rest of the kitchen spring cleaning. This is where your door and window frames come in. Make it easy by grabbing a disinfectant wipe and cleaning the tops and sides of door and window frames that have collected dust.

Don’t Neglect the Top of the Range Hood or Fan

It’s common to assume that because you have a fan above your oven, it takes care of all the grease and dust. Think again! Even with the most powerful exhaust fan, grease will be airborne while cooking so an effective degreaser for the range hood or fan is a must to ensure a thorough cleaning.

Remember to Clean the Inside of the Dishwasher

Kitchen experts suggest removing and cleaning your dishwasher filter at least once a year, if it’s removable. After cleaning and reinstalling it, you’ll then want to run the dishwasher with a dishwasher cleaning tablet to fully clean the inside.

Put Time into Tackling the Refrigerator

The refrigerator is one of the appliances that deserves some extra time and attention when it comes to spring cleaning. The first step will be to remove everything – and yes, we mean everything. After doing that, check expiration dates and throw out anything that is expired. Next, wipe everything down including the drawers and shelves with an all-purpose cleaner. Last, neatly replace each item you removed.

When it comes to the refrigerator and your cabinets, we recommend leaving it even better than you found it when it comes to organization – 5280 Home Rehab has great tips on this specifically!

Give the Oven a Thorough Wash

For the oven, remove the oven racks and use the self-cleaning function, if available. If not, make a paste of three parts baking soda, one-part water, one-part dish soap. Then start by wiping out the interior of the oven with a damp paper towel to remove any loose debris. Apply the paste to the interior of the oven and let sit for 30 minutes. Finish off by scrubbing with a scrub pad and rinse well with water and a clean microfiber cloth.

Disinfect Countertops

Although it’s smart to disinfect your countertops on a daily basis, it’s also a step that can’t be missed when spring cleaning. Keep in mind that countertops are a food contact surface, so whether you use a bleach and water solution you make yourself or a store-bought cleaner, remember to finish with a clean water rinse.

Clean Cabinets, Drawers & the Pantry

When it comes to cleaning the cabinets, drawers, and pantry, it’s good to have a handheld vacuum on hand. In addition, a microfiber cloth, all-purpose cleaner, and even an enzyme cleaner for grease buildup. Experts suggest going spot by spot, emptying everything out of the cupboards, wiping down the interior and exterior of the space, cleaning anything that needs to be cleaned that you removed and neatly replacing everything in its spot.


Set Yourself Up for Success Year-Round

By implementing an end-of-day 10 minute tidy of the kitchen, you can make deep cleaning your kitchen in the spring more manageable. We highly suggest this to ensure your kitchen is always safe and clean enough for your family to enjoy.


As you’re wandering your kitchen spring cleaning, have you decided it’s time for a renovation? 

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